Test Management Jira

Test, Requirements management for all testing strategies & QA teams using Jira

All testing strategies

Nevertheless development process you are using you can use AgileTest to manage test

Modern UIUX

Designed with customer experience in mind. Better than old fashioned tools such as xRay or Zephyr

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Introducing AgileTest

Comprehensive Test Management on Jira



Test Script

Compose test scripts and checklists using a robust editor. Promptly carry out and document the results.


Ad-hoc Test

Elevate your development lifecycle by incorporating exploratory testing, managing test sessions, and maintaining notes.



Traditional Test

Comprehensive Test Management: Employ a comprehensive traditional test management approach encompassing Test Cases, Test Preconditions, Test Suites, Test Steps, Test Plans, Test Runs, and in-depth reports.


Test Automation

Upcoming Automation: Anticipate the introduction of Open APIs and functionalities designed to facilitate automated testing, BDD (Behavior-Driven Development), seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines, DevOps tools, and other relevant components to optimize efficiency and performance.


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